Union's Just Transition aim for members affected by potential Webstar closure

Friday 28 April 2023, 7:03AM

By E tu



A “Just Transition” is the aim for E tū members working at Webstar Masterton who will lose their jobs if the plant shuts next year.

On Wednesday, Webstar, which is part of the Blue Star Print Group, announced its proposal to close its Masterston plant in early 2024.

More than 20 E tū members will be affected if the proposal goes ahead. The consultation period runs until Tuesday.

E tū Negotiation Specialist Joe Gallagher says members are “shocked but not surprised”.

“Webstar’s closure proposal is a symptom of the wider decline in print advertising and the rising costs around power, freight, and paper.”

Joe says E tū will be working hard to support members and making sure a Just Transition plan is put in place.

“A Just Transition plan would ideally see a range of support available to assist members as they prepare to move on.

“It would ease some of the stress of finding another job or moving into study to upskill for other types of work.”

Just Transition is the idea that workers should not bear the brunt of changes in the labour market, such as those in response to technological and climate change.