Merge Communications and Samsung Knox Enterprise Edition: Enhanced Security and Management Solutions

Tuesday 17 October 2023, 4:26PM

By Media PA


Samsung Knox Enterprise Edition
Samsung Knox Enterprise Edition Credit: Samsung

In today's digital age, security and efficient mobile phone and tablet management are paramount for enterprises. Merge Communications and Samsung Knox have joined forces to provide businesses with robust security and management solutions through the Samsung Knox Enterprise Edition for their mobile fleet. This partnership offers a range of features and benefits that empower organisations to safeguard their data and manage their devices effectively.

Extended Security Support:
The Samsung Knox Enterprise Edition offers up to five years of security maintenance releases, ensuring that your mobile devices and tablets are protected from the latest threats. All updates go through E-Fota (Enterprise Firmware over-the-air) on MDM, allowing you to test and validate them before deploying them across your Samsung fleet. This enhanced support comes with 24/7 voice assistance and email support for any technical queries.

Extended Product Lifecycle:
With a two-year product life cycle, businesses can upgrade to smarter devices that can be used for longer periods. This ensures consistency across your fleet of Samsung devices, reducing the need for frequent hardware replacements.

Consolidated Knox Solutions:
Knox Suite delivers a comprehensive management solution, offering streamlined security, seamless deployment, efficient device and application management, and in-depth analysis. It includes secure features like remote device health reporting, government-grade data protection, and advanced network security. Businesses can deploy mobile devices and tablets with ease and manage them efficiently, ensuring that they are always up to date.

Knox Suite Features:
Knox Suite includes various modules, such as Knox E-Fota for remote firmware and OS updates, Knox Authentication Manager for advanced autofill services, Knox Manage for cross-platform device management, Knox Remote Support for troubleshooting, Knox Capture for efficient barcode scanning, and Knox Asset Intelligence for device analytics and visibility.

With the 2023 Samsung device lineup, including the Galaxy A Series, Galaxy S Series, Galaxy X Series, and Galaxy Tablets, businesses have a wide range of hardware options to choose from, tailored to suit their specific needs.

Merge Communications and Samsung Knox are committed to providing industry-leading security and management solutions, making them ideal partners for enterprises looking to enhance their digital infrastructure. With the Samsung Knox Enterprise Edition, businesses can stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of mobile technology while keeping their data safe and secure.

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