Infrared Outdoor Heaters vs. Gas Heaters: The Green Choice for Your Patio

Wednesday 8 November 2023, 6:55PM
By Adam Jay

As the seasons change and temperatures drop, outdoor enthusiasts and patio owners often find themselves in search of effective heating solutions to extend their alfresco enjoyment. In the quest for warmth and comfort, the choice often comes down to two main contenders: infrared outdoor electric heaters and gas heaters. While both have their merits, there's a strong case for considering electric infrared outdoor heaters as the more environmentally friendly option.

Infrared Heaters: A Gentle, Energy-Efficient Warmth

Infrared outdoor electric heaters are gaining popularity for several reasons, including their energy efficiency and environmentally friendly attributes. Unlike gas heaters, which heat the surrounding air, infrared heaters employ a different method by radiating heat in the form of invisible light waves. This heat is similar to the warmth we feel from the sun's rays, minus the harmful UV radiation.

Focused and Targeted Heat

One key advantage of infrared heaters is their ability to provide targeted heat. Rather than dispersing warmth into the surrounding atmosphere, infrared heaters direct their heat toward solid objects, such as furniture, people, and floors. This targeted approach minimizes heat loss to the ambient air, making it a more efficient and sustainable option.

The heat emitted by an infrared heater warms objects directly in its path. This means that even in windy conditions, the warm surfaces will not be quickly cooled by gusts of wind. Unlike gas heaters, which can struggle to maintain a consistent level of warmth in breezy environments, infrared heaters provide a more reliable and consistent source of heat.

Environmentally Friendly and Efficient

Infrared outdoor heaters are considered environmentally friendly for several reasons. First, they are energy-efficient, converting nearly all the electricity they consume into heat. This efficiency means less energy waste and a lower carbon footprint.

Furthermore, infrared heaters do not emit harmful emissions or greenhouse gases during operation. Gas heaters, on the other hand, rely on the combustion of fossil fuels, releasing pollutants and carbon emissions into the atmosphere, contributing to air pollution and climate change. Infrared heaters have no such emissions, making them a cleaner choice for your outdoor heating needs.


The Verdict: An Infrared Future

When it comes to heating your outdoor spaces, the choice between infrared outdoor electric heaters and gas heaters is clear. Infrared heaters offer a more environmentally friendly, efficient, and targeted heat source that can keep you warm and comfortable while minimizing energy waste and emissions.

So, this season, as you're planning to enjoy your outdoor spaces to the fullest, consider making the green choice and opt for infrared electric heaters. Not only will you be cozy and comfortable, but you'll also be making a positive impact on the environment.

Make the smart choice for your patio and go green with infrared outdoor heaters - the warming rays of the future.