New Chief Operating Officer Announced for Phoenix Healthcare

Wednesday 28 February 2024, 3:49PM

By RedPR


Claire Pennington, Chief Operating Officer, Phoenix Healthcare
Claire Pennington, Chief Operating Officer, Phoenix Healthcare Credit: Supplied


“A changemaker”.

That’s how CEO, Indy Saul is describing Claire Pennington who has been appointed as Phoenix Healthcare’s new Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Ms Pennington comes from Te Whatu Ora (and CDHB prior to that) where she worked in a number of senior positions including Director of Allied Health and General Manager of the Older Persons Health and Rehabilitation division.

Mr Saul says Claire Pennington brings a blend of experience that will position her perfectly to take the organisation forward. Her experience in governance and multidisciplinary service delivery alongside her experience in innovation and continuous improvement, is a perfect match for the drive and ambition of the organisation.

“With several exciting developments already in the pipeline for the Phoenix healthcare group in both New Zealand and Australia, Claire’s energy and relentless pursuit of excellence will allow us to explore new opportunities for growth, new technology and sustainability across the entire Phoenix Healthcare portfolio, to ensuring that we continue to improve the lives of our community together,” he says.

Mr Saul adds that current health reforms in Aotearoa New Zealand are challenging for everyone, and with challenge comes opportunity to rethink the way in which sustainable healthcare services are delivered.

“With Claire’s years of work in a range of health services both here and overseas, in governance, management and at the coal face, we know she will be a real changemaker and gamechanger for Phoenix, our staff, patients and clients,” he says.

Ms Pennington trained as a registered Pharmacy Technician and then subsequently in healthcare management in the United Kingdom before coming to Christchurch in July 2018. She says it’s an exciting time in health, particularly primary and community healthcare, and absolutely supports the excellence to which Phoenix is committed.

“Phoenix wants to genuinely deliver something different for our community. It’s not for us to decide in isolation what good health and wellbeing looks like; it’s a partnership with our communities,” she says.

Having walked through so many phases of healthcare and the patient journey in her career, Ms Pennington says the COO role with Phoenix has come at the right time.

“I am passionate about preventative care and community wellbeing. Primary care and community-based care is where that happens; it’s where people live their lives. To be able to come into Phoenix at this particular moment in time, to provide the support and drive to successfully deliver that, is an exciting opportunity,” she says.