How can you save money for your business and eCommerce website during this NZ recession?

Wednesday 27 March 2024, 3:50PM

By The Digital Ambassador


Running a business or eCommerce website during a recession in New Zealand is challenging. Business owners need a strategic plan to reduce expenses and navigate through this difficult time, and here are a few ways to reduce your website expenses during the recession.

  1. Use WordPress to start a new business website for a cheaper cost
  2. Use Chat GPT to generate ideas and initial content copy of your website to save time and effort.
  3. Leverage free digital assets and take photos for the website imagery.
  4. Prioritise the website features that generate revenue.
  5. Engage with a local web design Auckland company as they are more efficient than working outside the NZ.

The recession will be tough for most businesses, and business owners should be prepared to mitigate the risk.