Fun and Competitive Team Building Activities in Auckland

Tuesday 11 June 2024, 9:38PM

By News Online


Building a strong team takes more than just shared desks and water cooler chats. In Auckland, you have the perfect opportunity to take your team building beyond the boardroom and into a world of friendly competition and shared experiences. Here are some exciting activity ideas to get your team's engines revving:

1. Unleash Your Inner Racer: Go Karting Glory

Get your adrenaline pumping and competitive spirit soaring at one of Auckland's premier go karting tracks. Challenge your colleagues to a Grand Prix-style showdown, strategise pit stops, and see who emerges victorious. The rush of speed and the laughter of friendly rivalry are guaranteed to break down barriers and build camaraderie.

2. Laser Tag: Teamwork Makes the Beam Dream

Dive into a world of tactical combat at an Auckland laser tag arena. Divide your team into squads, formulate battle plans, and unleash your inner laser warrior. This activity fosters communication, strategic thinking, and collaboration while having a blast. Plus, there's no pain, just pure laser-fueled fun!

3. Mini Golf Mania: A Hole-in-One for Team Bonding

Putt your way to victory at a quirky or classic mini golf course. From glow-in-the-dark courses to Polynesian-themed adventures, Auckland offers a variety of mini golf experiences to suit your team's personality. This lighthearted activity encourages playful competition while fostering communication and teamwork as you navigate the course together.

4. Level Up at Game Over Auckland: Arcade Games Galore

Embrace your inner child and unleash some friendly competition with arcade games at Game Over Auckland. This retro arcade boasts a vast collection of classic and modern games, from air hockey and pinball to racing simulators and dance challenges. The variety ensures something for everyone, and the shared experience of battling zombies or conquering dance floors will have your team bonding in no time.


The key to successful team building is to choose activities that cater to your team's interests and comfort levels. With a little planning and these exciting options, you can create a team-building experience in Auckland that fosters communication, collaboration, and lasting memories.