Proposals sought for new show

Thursday 7 February 2008, 4:58PM
By Auckland Regional Council


A new flower/garden show at the Auckland Botanic Gardens in Manukau is being sought to replace the Ellerslie International Flower Show.

Both the Manukau City Council and Auckland Regional Council (ARC) decided today that a ‘Request for Proposal’ would be made available to potential event organisers with the possibility that a new event would be held at the Auckland Botanic Gardens later this year.

Mayor of Manukau, Len Brown, says a business case has been developed by the council, including research undertaken with previous stakeholders, which indicates what a successful show might look and feel like.

“We are confident that providing we can attract an event organiser with the right expertise and knowledge, a successful flower/garden event can be held in Manukau to replace the flower show that has gone to Christchurch.”

Mr Brown says Manukau City Council has always been committed to keeping a flower show in Manukau and continues to believe there are a number of advantages that make the Auckland Botanic Gardens the best site in the country.

“We know that many of the visitors that used to go to the Ellerslie International Flower Show live in the Auckland region. We believe that by having a replacement show in Manukau, which is the gateway to New Zealand, we can attract not only local and regional visitors but also international visitors and media.”

ARC Parks and Heritage Committee Chair, Sandra Coney says there has been significant interest from potential event organisers, sponsors, exhibitors and the community in continuing to hold a flower/garden show at the Auckland Botanic Gardens and both councils are confident that a successful event can be staged.

“The Auckland Botanic Gardens is a high profile site, has excellent access to transport with both State Highway One and Twenty close and is only 10 minutes drive from the international airport,” she says.

“The ARC has invested significantly in the development of a site worthy of a high profile event like a flower/garden show, and we are keen to see that site utilised.”

A Request for Proposal is available from both the ARC and Manukau City Council and can be downloaded from the websites  and .