ARC decides on Muriwai Surf Club relocation

Thursday 7 February 2008, 10:26PM
By Auckland Regional Council

The Auckland Regional Council (ARC) Parks and Heritage Committee today decided upon its preferred site for the relocation of the Muriwai Volunteer Surf Life Saving Club’s club rooms.

The Committee confirmed the site already identified in the Regional Parks Management Plan, at the eastern end of the southern car park, would best suit the long-term functionality of the park.

ARC Parks and Heritage Committee Chair Councillor Sandra Coney says the Council has taken a whole-of-park approach when making its decision.

“We need to strike a balance between providing a critical service with our responsibility to the rest of the Auckland region.

“Muriwai Regional Park, with over one million visitors each year, is our busiest regional park. The Surf Life Saving Club provides a vital service to the local community and visitors to the beach – we recognise exactly how much the Club and it’s volunteers contribute to the fabric of this community. In making this decision, we have chosen the option that we believe will be best for Muriwai,” says Councillor Coney.

The need to relocate the Surf Club has come about because the current club rooms have three years left before erosion, at a rate of 1-1.5m per year, threatens the building structure.

Councillors were presented with a range of locations on Muriwai Regional Park where new club rooms could be built, some of which included moving existing park buildings.

The Committee based its decision on criteria outlined in the draft Muriwai Design Guidelines, which aim to retain the natural character of Muriwai, and is consistent with the site identified in the Regional Parks Management Plan – which was developed with significant public consultation.

The selection of this site is the most cost effective option in relation to providing and maintaining park operational infrastructure and it avoids the disruption and dispersal of ranger facilities across the park.

“We have taken into account the cost of relocating the ARC buildings that include a ranger house, separating our operational functions and our responsibility to the region’s ratepayers.

“It also maintains the park arrival area, ranger station and depot, which are an important welcoming point for park visitors,” says Councillor Coney.

Councillor Coney thanked the Muriwai Volunteer Surf Lifesaving Club Inc for their time effort and understanding in working with the council to determine the site for their new club rooms.

The proposed new club rooms will occupy a 2,400m2 site, excluding car parking areas.