Global software company manages over $200 million of time

Thursday 28 February 2008, 3:13PM

New Zealand based Software Company ProActive Software Ltd have doubled the total amount of hours managed by their flagship project and time management software product,, to 2.1 million hours in just eight months., a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, is now managing over $200 million dollars worth of time time for thousands of users globally at a time in the market where more and more companies turn to SaaS model businesses for cost effective and reliable management tools.

Just last June ProActive Software was revelling in the SaaS solution's millionth hour tracked under management and with good traction in more than 20 countries the ProWorkflow solution is set to tackle another big year making waves in the web based project and time management workspace.

Julian Stone, CEO of ProActive Software Ltd, says the growth of ProWorkflow is the culmination of nearly five years in operation which has captured the attention of a wide range of different businesses and industry leaders. A selection of these companies is viewable on their impressive customer testimonials page.

Stone says "Our ProWorkflow solution has built up thousands of long term users over time due to the SaaS model. The very nature of SaaS means that a solution must deliver value otherwise customer drop-off occurs. When we talk about value in SaaS, we're not just talking about the product, rather the product, usability, support, pricing and infrastructure. When all these come into line for a customer, they get the 'value' out of the model. That's when you can start scaling the software company."

He says the increasing growth shows clients are continuing to see the benefits of's continual evolution as the customer focused team at ProActive Software make ongoing improvements and additions while working directly with clients for the best results.

Stone is impressed with the popularity has seen in the past two years and sees the growth continuing while the team at ProWorkflow make more innovations in their approach to the project and time management SaaS.


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