New Zealand Underwater Hockey Teams announced

Tuesday 4 March 2008, 2:45PM
By Underwater Hockey NZ

New Zealand Underwater Hockey Teams look set to take on the world at the Underwater Hockey World Championships to be held in Durban, South Africa this April. The New Zealand Men's, Junior Men's and Junior Women's teams are all looking to retain their titles of world champions, while the New Zealand Women's team is quietly confident with their aim to join the other New Zealand teams at the top of their grade.

Nautilus Estate Elite Men’s team:

Liam Watson (captain), Rob Tinkler (vice captain), Bryan Bailey, Ben Tilly, Richard Maxwell, Julian O’Neale, Matt Hart, Benson Taylor, Darren Foo, Rueben Friedlander, Rowan Pyne, Andre Heller.

GHD Elite Women’s team:

Zoe Firth (captain) Emma Rae (vice captain), Rebecca Leach, Elizabeth Cobeldick, Lizzy McKenzie, Jess Lowther, Claire George, Christina Heir, Rhianna Jackson, Sabrina Quarante, Gemma Braddock, Angela Whiteman.

Junior Men’s team:

Nick Lowther (captain), Tim Searle (vice captain), Alex Welch, Andreas Marwick, Andrew Barlow, David Caspersonn, David Cassie, John Hofman, Marcus Walker, Max Lynam, Rhys Quayle, Sam Sherring.

Junior Women’s team:

Stephanie O’Neale (captain), Letitia Jackson (vice captain), Rachel Arbuckle, Samantha Colville, Steffanie Gill, Elle Hocking, Ana Holt, Quantelle Howes-Awa, Paige Moran, Nicole Privett, Nicola Ransley, Alix Robinson

Thank you to, GHD, Nautilus Estate, Pelorus Trust, Lion Foundation, Southern Trust, Scottwood Trust, Perry Foundation, Mana Community Grants Foundation, for sposnsorship and support.