Settled autumn weather continues

Tuesday 8 April 2008, 9:51AM

By Metservice


Autumn arrives with more sunny, dry weather over New Zealand.

"The autumn anticyclones are continuing to bring generally settled weather which some describe as an Indian summer", commented Metservice Weather Ambassador, Bob McDavitt.

Mr. McDavitt added that although there have been a few periods of useful rain recently, some areas are still missing out. "While Wellington had over 25 mm of rain on Saturday and Kaikoura had about the same on Sunday,areas such as Waikato, Auckland and southern parts of Canterbury have recorded less than 30 mm of rain since autumn began on 1st March."

"As far as temperatures are concerned it's a mixed bag. Autumn days are still warmer than normal thanks to the extra sunshine. However, the longer clear nights have already produced some early frosts in the South Island,and more are likely later this week."