Auckland looks to attract major events

Wednesday 9 April 2008, 4:18PM
By Auckland City Council


Auckland City Council is taking a lead role in attracting events to Auckland, with a new fund approved by the Arts, Culture and Recreation Committee to enable the attraction and delivery of major international events.

The annual $300,000 fund will allow the council to be proactive in identifying and attracting international events that align with its events strategy and are a good fit with Auckland’s natural and physical infrastructure.

The council has also created a dedicated event attraction manager role and a streamlined approval process that will allow Auckland to become more aggressive and responsive to major event opportunities.

Chairperson of the Arts, Culture and Recreation Committee, Councillor Greg Moyle, says the council acknowledges there are many challenges that must be addressed in order to make an impact when bidding for major events.

“Cities worldwide are starting to appreciate the enormous economic and social benefits that events bring to their community.

“The establishment of this fund is just one part of a two-stage approach to ensure Auckland has a competitive standing in the international events scene,” says Mr Moyle.

The council hopes to establish partnerships with other cities as well as the private sector to give Auckland greater bidding capacity and resources.

It is also planning to research the feasibility of establishing an event attraction organisation to ensure long term bidding success.

The research will look specifically at funding and governance models and will take into consideration the findings from the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance.