Support for quality tertiary education in Taranaki

Wednesday 16 April 2008, 12:42PM
By Pete Hodgson


Tertiary Education Minister Pete Hodgson today signalled ongoing support for the Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki (WITT) with the reappointment of Murray Strong as Crown Commissioner for a further six months, and two appointments to the Commissioner’s Advisory Committee.

Following a 12 month review of the Commissioner’s role, Mr Hodgson said there was still more to be done for WITT to meet the future skills needs of the Taranaki region.

“WITT is undertaking a five-year business plan to rebuild the institution, and it is important at this stage that Mr Strong continues the positive work,” Mr Hodgson said.

The five-year plan involves:
• the realignment of WITT’s education provision to better meet regional needs
• improving programming and resource use
• achieving better operating efficiencies
• making WITT more attractive to school-leavers and other learners.

“WITT is a key part of Taranaki’s economic and social infrastructure and it’s important that it be returned to a position where the community can have full confidence in it,” he said.

Pete Hodgson also announced the appointment of former South Taranaki Mayor Mary Bourke and well-known New Plymouth board director John Auld to the Commissioner’s Advisory Committee.

He said their appointments were an important step towards a renewed WITT Council, and came after consulting the Taranaki community and WITT stakeholders