Consultation open on exposure draft of forestry regulations under New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme

Tuesday 6 May 2008, 12:36PM
By Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is seeking comments on an exposure draft of the regulations for the forestry sector under the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZETS). Submissions close on 30 May.

These exposure draft regulations, which apply to both pre-1990 and post-1989 forests, will help give effect to the forestry components of the Scheme. They update an earlier version of pre-1990 draft regulations that was released in February, for information-only purposes.

The Climate Change Response (Emissions Trading) Amendment Bill was introduced to Parliament and was referred to the Finance and Expenditure Committee, which is currently hearing submissions on it.

Releasing these exposure draft regulations and commentary ahead of decisions by Parliament on the Bill will provide forest owners with the information they need to provide feedback on the proposals. However, the forestry regulations may change due to changes in the Bill and as a result of feedback from the consultation process.

The draft forestry regulations contain provisions for:

Fees and charges: a power to collect fees and charges.

Land status notification: a process by which the Chief Executive will notify the Registrar-General of Land, the Registrar of Deeds or Registrar of the Maori Land Court of the status of pre-1990 and post-1989 forest land and exempt land.

Carbon assessment methodology: information to be collected by participants and submitted with an emissions return and a prescribed method for calculating emissions and removals.

Mapping requirements for exemptions for pre-1990 forest: information to be provided with an application for a pre-1990 forest exemption.

MAF would also like views on the business impacts and practicalities of the proposed regulations as they relate to forest holdings.

Information about the exposure draft of the regulations, a commentary on them, and instructions on how to make a submission can be found on the Climate Change section of the MAF website at: . Printed copies of the exposure draft of the regulations and the commentary can be received by emailing  or by phoning 0800 CLIMATE (254 628)