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Kiwijet chooses Radixx

Sunday 27 May 2007, 9:31AM
By Kiwijet


The Kiwijet Airline Company Limited is pleased to announce that we have selected Orlando, Florida (USA) based Radixx International for its fully integrated Windows based internet booking suite as the foundation for the company’s E-ticket, Smart Card and Digitext online booking engine including airport stations, revenue management, and other related functions. This milestone marks Kiwijet’s first major capital expenditure towards building New Zealand’s first true low cost carrier (LCC).

After months of detailed analysis, we have concluded that Radixx has the right stuff to grow with us in this endeavor. Their system is currently in use with over 35 airlines worldwide from low cost carriers (LCC)’s to traditional carriers. We feel that their expertise is essential and critical to our success as we must build this platform today to ensure a smooth transition into service tomorrow.

Our New Zealand based internet marketing partner, Optymise, is playing a vital role in preparing our internet based global search marketing to link up with the Radixx online hosting system. We feel that this combination will be the powerhouse that will be essential to launching domestic and non contested transtasman services.

Radixx and Optymise will provide the life force of the company from the start of operations through its critical mass of 8 Boeing 737-300 jets operating on a vast network with a team of 473 staff one year after launch.

Kiwijet’s timeline is moving on schedule despite the outcome of the Aviation Partners Australia (APA) takeover bid for Qantas Limited. We feel confident that our plan has merit and is on track. Our equity group has not been deterred by these events, and has gained even greater momentum and capital to proceed forward.

The response to our planned services has been phenomenal. We are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, across the globe to bring a twenty first century airline into the domestic market for the first time with a bright fresh approach to air travel and a team spirit that will spoil you. We will make you feel like an honored guest by giving you personal service without that annoying trolley in the aisle, and you will never have to open your wallet or purse again while onboard. Our plan is to make the competition Kiwi green with envy. Without competition there’s no reason to compete, and the public will suffer an onslaught of high airfares that will put affordable air travel out of reach for the average New Zealander. If a Kangaroo can fly, we reckon that a Kiwi will do a much better job by already having its wings.

Our concept is a win-win for all concerned including travel agents, other airlines, and yes even the national carrier, by filling seats on their long haul services they will benefit too. New Zealand is quickly becoming a world class destination as more and more tourists are discovering its many treasures and good value including its reputation for safety and security. Please pardon our dust while we build an air bridge to the future. We have a long and winding road ahead so please be patient and thank you for your ongoing support.

New Zealanders take control of your future! Tell you neighbors, mates and MP’s that “Soon all kiwis will fly”.

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