Niues Premier to make first visit to NZ

Saturday 26 July 2008, 2:18AM
By Rt. Hon Helen Clark

Prime Minister Helen Clark announced today that the new Premier of Niue Hon Toke Talagi, will make his first official visit to New Zealand from Monday 28 July to Friday 1 August.

“New Zealand’s relationship with Niue is an important one. We are bound together by bonds of family and citizenship. More than 25,000 people of Niuean descent have made New Zealand their home and our links with the community on Niue are important to New Zealand,” Helen Clark said.

Premier Talagi was elected in June. While in New Zealand, he will meet with Prime Minister Helen Clark, and a range of ministers and officials who are involved with the Niuean relationship. He will also meet with members of the Niuean community in Auckland and Wellington to set out his proposals for increased interaction between Niue and the wider Niuean community.

“Niue faces some very significant challenges, including how to remain a viable community. I am looking forward to discussing with Premier Talagi the best ways of working to enable Niue and its people to move ahead in a sustainable way.

“Niue is hosting the Pacific Islands Leaders’ Forum in August. The Premier’s visit will also be an opportunity to discuss the issues leaders will have on their agenda at that meeting,” Helen Clark said.