Monkey Exchange Today at Brooklands Zoo

Tuesday 29 July 2008, 2:04PM
By New Plymouth District Council


Today (Tuesday) six monkeys will move out of Brooklands Zoo, and six new monkeys will move in.

Staff from Hamilton Zoo are arriving this afternoon to conduct the exchange of capuchin monkeys as part of the animals’ breeding programme.

This follows the transfer of six female capuchins from Brooklands to Melbourne Zoo earlier this month.

“It’s important for Brooklands Zoo to be part of a transfer programme so that the genetic lines of the animals between our zoos remain healthy, and enhance their long-term breeding,” says Acting Technical Officer Zoo Eve Cozzi.

“We’ll keep the new arrivals separate from our existing monkeys for a while then gradually integrate the two groups as smoothly as possible.”

Meanwhile an Australian critter has already arrived at Brooklands Zoo to meet up with a Kiwi lass.

Bud is an Asian otter who has been transferred from Mooloolaba, Australia, and will eventually move in with the zoo’s female otter Aqua.

“Right now he’s in the hospital quarters as we get him used to his new surroundings,” says Ms Cozzi.

“Once he’s got his bearings, we’ll slowly introduce him to Aqua. We want to take it carefully so that these two start off on the right foot, and hopefully at some will point produce otter pups.”

The zoo’s previous male otter, Paddles, has gone to Franklin Zoo in Tuakau to room with another old male, named Thomas.