Institutes and polytechnics agents of change

Thursday 14 August 2008, 7:00PM
By Pete Hodgson

Tertiary Education Minister Pete Hodgson yesterday described institutes of technology and polytechnics as key agents of innovative change.

Speaking at the ITP (Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics) New Zealand Conference, Pete Hodgson said, “I think there is still much unrealised potential in the ITP sector. You are a key agent of innovative change, both in the people whose skills and aptitudes you develop and in the firms where they work, or will work. I look forward to witnessing the further realisation of that potential.”

He also acknowledged the role of ITPs and of ITP New Zealand in the development of joint qualifications and joint curriculum development but he added progress should be quicker.

Pete Hodgson said the government wanted a high skilled, high value innovative economy, strongly connected globally and moving further towards sustainability.

He suggested ITPs place more focus on cooperating with one another, and listed enhanced benchmarking and procurement as ways of doing this.

“If we have moved to a future which has more cooperation and less competition in its character, then we are duty bound to hunt out and exploit the various benefits that cooperation offers.”