Cunningham wins Toyota Racing Series International Trophy

Sunday 25 January 2009, 12:47PM
By Toyota Racing Series


With victory in both of yesterday's Toyota Racing Series races at the Taupo
A1GP event, series leader Micth Cunningham has won the TRS International
Trophy with a race to spare.

Cunningham, who has pole for today's race, has amassed 540 points in the
International Trophy ahead of Australian Scott Pye on 459 and Palmerston
North racer Sam MacNiell on 425.

With 75 points available for a race win, Cunningham cannot now be beatent
to the Trophy.

The battle for second is now between Pye, Macneill and young British driver
Will Stevens, who finished the afternoon race on saturday a close second
behind Cunningham.

Stevens starts alongside Cunningham for the TRS feature race today with
MacNeill third and Scott Pye starting fourth.

Cunningham has also extended his lead in the Toyota Racing Series itself
and has a 127 point lead over Scott Pye, with 728 points to the young
Australian's 601.