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crash on hospital charity bicycle ride in Canterbury District, 12:00pm

Sunday 1 March 2009, 12:20PM
By New Zealand Police


'At about 9.15 am on Sunday 1st March 2009, 'The Canterbury Hospital Charity Bike Ride', an organised cycle race, was underway on Oxford Road, between Cust and Rangiora.

This event had approximately 500 entrants.

About 8 Kms west of Rangiora a cyclist was in a peleton of about 40 riders when she crashed.

She has been transferrd to the Chch Hospital by helicopter.

The extent of her injuries are not known at this stage.

She is aged 45 yrs from Chch.

The cause of the crash is being investigated.

The initial investigation indicates it was cycle v cycle. No vehicles were involved.'