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Action is go at Federated Farmers Farm Days across New Zealand

Sunday 1 March 2009, 2:19PM
By Federated Farmers of New Zealand

“Hundreds of families have donned their gumboots today to visit a Federated Farmers Farm Day being held at 25 farms across New Zealand,” says Don Nicolson, Federated Farmers President.


“Already this morning more than 300 adults and children have made their way to the Waikato Federated Farmers Farm Day at Doug and Kathy Bentham’s organic goat milk farm in Te Aroha. At Brian and Dianne Duder’s Clevedon dairy farm, south of Auckland, more than 200 visitors have come to find out where their meat and fibre comes from.


“Despite the heavy rain last night, the weather has cleared at all 25 Federated Farmers open farms throughout New Zealand, with just two postponements in Bay of Plenty and South Canterbury.


“The open farms range from an organic farm in Te Aroha, through to Molesworth Station in the South Island, New Zealand’s largest working farm. Real farmers will be on hand to guide visitors around the farms and answer any questions they may have. Farm Day will be fun, interactive and mutually educational.


“Just go to and select ‘Our Farm Days.’ Each of the 25 farms is listed, with Google Maps offering easy navigation and even the ability to print off driving instructions. The only thing we ask is that no dogs be brought out to any of the 25 host farms open today.


“Today is also New Zealand's International Children's Day, which aims to encourage adults to spend time with children. What better way to spend the day than out on the farm with them? There are activities for the entire family to enjoy at every open Farm Day farm in New Zealand today. In Ashburton, Neville and Andrea Chalmers are turning their abandoned deer capture sheds in to a “farmers grotto and maze” for young people to enjoy some creative farming activities.


“At Ian and Sue Parkes farm on the outskirts of Wakefield, near Nelson, children have the chance to walk in the footsteps of sheep through a freight truck.


“At some host farms, guests will learn how cows are milked and crops are harvested. While on other farms, guests will discover the different types of sheep that are farmed here in New Zealand. Bees and goats will be on show in some parts of the country as well.


“Everyone eats food and with agriculture generating 64 percent of everything we sell to the world, it insulates New Zealand from the worst of the global economic downturn. This is a positive message Federated Farmers looks forward to sharing at Farm Day,” Mr Nicolson concluded.