ARC looks forward to the Governments response

Friday 27 March 2009, 3:35PM
By Auckland Regional Council


"We are supportive of the overall thrust of the report as it is very much in line with the ARC submission; however, I am sure the devil might be in the detail," ARC chairman Mike Lee said.

"From my first impressions, I do have some real concerns about the idea that councillors might be elected at large from a constituency of a million people. We need to work through issues like that.

"There needs to be change - not just in local government structure but also in culture - to bring about improvements in efficiency and effectiveness that will benefit the ratepayer.

"We believe the implementation of the Royal Commission's recommendations would ensure local government in Auckland is more co-ordinated, and able to play a greater role in Auckland's development.

"The ARC is now eager to see what the Government's response will be, how it plans to implement what it decides, and how the transition will be managed.

"We are very keen to work with the Government to ensure those changes are implemented successfully, and that they support the growth and development of the Auckland region."

Mr Lee said the ARC will now consider the Royal Commission's report in detail.

"We want to be in a position where we can provide advice to the Government on the range of issues it will need to consider as it decides what to do and how to implement change."