The Quality of Life Survey results for Tauranga

Tuesday 7 April 2009, 11:54AM
By Tauranga City Council


The Quality of Life Survey is done every two years. It is a national survey of the 12 largest cities.

We use it to measure the Council's performance for:

* community outcomes (Tauranga Tomorrow)
* the Annual Report.

Some highlights/lowlights for Tauranga City:


* Tauranga's overall quality of life has gone down from 95% to 91% since 2006.
* People's feeling of safety in the city centre after dark has reduced from 46% to 39% - a big drop. This makes us second lowest to Christchurch. Actions to address this includes the Strand Night Management Plan, the alcohol accord, safer communities stuff.
* Graffiti as a problem has jumped from 62% in 2006 to 80% in 2008 - a HUGE increase. (Obviously the Council is responding to this…)
* Tauranga is rated lowest for its 'culturally rich and diverse arts scene'. Has increased 6% (to 51% who say yes it does) from last time but still the lowest.

About the Council

* Understanding of Council decision-making processes is rated second highest - with a score of 45%. (In 2006 it was 46% and was the highest.)
* The 'desire to have more say in what the Council does' score has improved by almost 5% from last time.
* Confidence in the Council's decision-making has stayed roughly the same since 2006 and is the third lowest of all the cities.
* However - the perception that the public has influence over council decision-making has increased by 8.6% - fourth highest.

Built and Natural Environment

* Pride in the look and feel of the city has increased slightly to 69% from 67%.
* The perception of presence of rubbish in the streets has increased hugely by 9.3%.
* Water pollution seen as a problem by more people 37% - up from 31% in 2006.
* Noise pollution seen as a problem by fewer people - down to 29% from 39%.


* Work/life balance has gone up by 6.4% with 81% saying they are satisfied or very satisfied.
* Satisfaction has also increased with leisure time by 4.6% in the two years between 2006 and 2008.
* However people's ability to cover their costs has gone down by 9.3% from 53% who say they have enough or more than enough to 42.7%.