Hunting Incident in Central District

Wednesday 15 April 2009, 3:03PM
By New Zealand Police


Taihape Police are investigating an incident on Monday the 13th of April 2009 involving a 22 year old deer hunter who was accidentally shot in the arm by a hunting companion. This occurred north east of Taihape near the Napier/Taihape Road.
The victim is a local man who is in a stable condition in hospital. Police are conducting enquiries in relation to this matter and firearms related charges are likely to be laid.
This is a timely reminder for hunters that identifying the target beyond all doubt is one of the seven basic rules of safe firearms handling and should be second nature.
Hunters should sight the head, neck and shoulder of the animal all at the same time, or at least sufficient of the animal to confirm target identification. A good 'rule of thumb' to apply is to assume any shape, colour, movement or sound is a human until you can prove otherwise.
Media enquiries should be referred to Constable EDLINGTON Taihape Police 06 3882170

Location of incident: Taihape