Timor-Leste Officials with the crew of an Air Force Orion Timor-Leste Officials with the crew of an Air Force Orion CREDIT: New Zealand Defence Force

Timorese Officials board an RNZAF Orion for first time

Thursday 16 April 2009, 10:29AM
By New Zealand Defence Force


In an effort to highlight the benefits of a co-ordinated approach to maritime security, an Air Force Orion landed at Dili and took four Government of Timor Leste officials on a flight around the southern Timor Leste coastline.

Detachment Commander, Wing Commander Brendon Pett delivered a briefing to the four VIPs including the Vice Minister of Finance, H.E Mr Rui Hanjam, the Secretary of State for Defence Mr Martinho Maia Goncalves, the Director General External Relations, Mr. Constancio Pinto (representing Foreign Minister) and the Director Ministry of Agriculture, Mr Lorenco Fontes.

The brief provided a general overview of maritime security from a NZ perspective focusing on the need for planning, maximizing resources and the benefits to be had from inter-agency cooperation. It also provided an overview of the role of the NZ National Maritime Coordination Centre.

The VIPs were then taken on a two-hour flight over part of Timor Leste’s Exclusive Economic Zone to demonstrate the surveillance capabilities of the Orion and how agencies such as Customs, Police, Bio-security, MAF and others could be engaged in a joint approach to maritime security.

"The visit was a definite success and we were happy to demonstrate the benefits of a whole of government approach to the Timor Leste VIPs" said Wing Commander Pett.

The No 5 Squadron Orion and crew stopped over in Timor Leste on their way to Exercise ROKIWI, a joint training exercise with the Republic of Korea.