Solo mother at 50 to millionaire property tycoon at 59

Wednesday 3 June 2009, 2:25PM
By Seeking Publicity


Eleven years after moving to Adelaide from Christchurch in 1988, Sally Couper was convinced by a friend to buy an investment property. Nine years after that first purchase, she now owns 63 houses across Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Sally has just released her first book that explains how she went against the odds and transferred her life from solo mother and insurance agent to successful property investor.

“Real Estate Adventures is about how I made lots of money and had fun in the process. The potential for investing hit home when I bought my first investment property in northern Adelaide for $32,000. I had a $210 a month mortgage and a $440 rental return,” says Sally.

She has three houses in Christchurch. One of these is lived in by herself and partner Alex for about three months a year. Her portfolio of properties also includes two in Queenstown and one in Arrowtown.

Sally insists that the process she has followed can be copied by anyone that wants to make some money or just a change their lifestyle.

“The only stipulation is that you need to have fun along the way. I’ve had lots of fun and that has helped me avoid the pressures of such major investments,” says Sally.

“Now is the perfect time to get involved because there are so many bargains out there,” she concludes.

For more information: Sally Couper 021 0237 7306 Peter Burdon 029 200 8555