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Elite orienteering photo system for Maptalk

Monday 23 July 2007, 10:42PM
By Simon Addison

A new feature has been created for maptalk, to help with the promotion of orienteering in New Zealand.

Previously issues had arisen due to the lack of top quality photos of our top orienteers in action, but this is to be a thing of the past.

Maptalk.co.nz has a new page that allows members of the website to upload photos at full resolution of the countries top orienteers in action, allowing print media both within orienteering and within mainstream, to download the photos at full resolution easily.

Mick Finn, editor of nzorienteering, was extremely pleased with the development and was involved in the design of the system after it was first touted. He believes that this will make his job a lot easier, as he typically spends hours each edition chasing up quality photos.

The system can be accessed at http://www.maptalk.co.nz/photos/