Youth charged with 'wasting police time'

Wednesday 15 July 2009, 11:58PM
By New Zealand Police


On Sunday 28th June 2009 at around 7.30pm, the Police were notified of an incident in a residential street in Westport.

After an altercation between two youths, one called Police to report that he had been verbally threatened and the person making the threat had been in possession of a pistol previously that day.

As a result of the information supplied off duty staff and the Armed Offenders Squad were called in.

Subsequent enquiries have established that the events as reported to Police did not occur and that there was never any pistol involved.

As a result the youth who made the complaint has been arrested and charged with, in summary, 'wasting Police time by making a false statement'.

The 18 year old unemployed local has been released on bail to appear in the Westport District Court on Thursday 23rd July 2009.