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King of S.K.A.T.E - Round 10: Orlando Acosta

Tuesday 21 July 2009, 9:58AM

Welcome in Round 10 – This time Orlando Acosta shows you how your Pop Shoveit Late Varialflip should look like.

Means to you: find a piece of flat ground, do your Pop Shoveit Late Varialflip with as much style as possible, film it and upload it at The most stylish copied Pop Shoveit Late Varialflip will win this nice Jart package package including two decks + griptape, a pair of trucks, a set of wheels incl. bearings, screws and a T-Shirt – total value about 250,- EUR!

Pop Shoveit Late Varialflip

Winner round 9: Srdjan Kuzmanovic

Srdjan Kuzmanovic is 23 years old out of austria and could already earn a lot of points and fame in the last years King of S.K.A.T.E! Have fun with your Skullcandy Package! Here is the videoproof:

This summer is going to be one giant worldwide session!

Every week one of your favorite Pros will present a trick you have to imitate within seven days on a piece of flat ground. Once you have sticked and filmed the trick you have to upload it as video file to the King of S.K.A.T.E platform. Needless to say that you should try to copy the trick with as much style as possible in order to get as many judging points as possible in the worldwide ranking. Because in every single round – that means every week – the most gnarly and styled trick will be rewarded with a massive stuff package.

We will make you rich and famous!

He who will be the last man standing, wins 2.500,- EUR cash and global coverage like interviews and other publications at all of our mediapartners worldwide.

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