Police searching lake Te Anau for missing man

Saturday 1 August 2009, 8:29AM
By New Zealand Police


A search has been underway on Lake Te Anau since 3.30 am this morning for a 22 year old Cromwell man reported missing after a dingy overturned on Lake Te Anau.

A helicopter using night vision and a 'night sun' search light, assisted by water craft searched an area of the lake near the town for over two hours.

A submerged dingy and other items were recovered, however the young man was not located.

At 5.45 a.m the search was suspended. A search of the lake and lake shore will continue again at daylight.

The police dive squad have also been called to assist in the search.

The circumstances are still being investigated with several witnesses being spoken to by police. It appears a dingy was taken from the shore by three people who were attempting to reach a float plane on a mooring. The dingy became swamped leaving the three people in the water. Two managed to make it to shore and one is still missing now presumed drowned.