Glider comes down by SH1 after turbulence

Sunday 2 August 2009, 3:04PM
By New Zealand Police


A glider pilot carried out an unplanned landing today when his glider was forced down by turbulence onto a playing field next to State Highway One, Plimmerton.

The incident occurred at 11:45 this morning as the sole pilot was making a routine flight from Paraparaumu Airport down to Porirua and back. While over Porirua harbour he was caught in adverse turbulent conditions that suddenly began forcing him towards the water.

The pilot is a highly experienced flier and, being aware of the open area of the Plimmerton Domain next to State Highway One, decided to make his way in that direction.

Eye witnesses praised his abilities as he managed to avoid telegraph poles and traffic to land safely in the domain.

The pilot was not hurt in the incident and no damage to the glider resulted.

The pilot was transported back to Paraparaumu Airport to uplift his trailer and retrieve the glider.