Skate Parks Revamped

Wednesday 5 August 2009, 9:09AM
By Wellington City Council


The 'tricks' are coming thick and fast at two Wellington skate parks. Ramps have recently been repaired and replaced at the Island Bay skate park on Adelaide Road and at Ian Galloway Park in Wilton.

At the Island Bay skate park, the plywood surface had deteriorated on the existing ramp. "We repaired it with a new resurfacing product - Skatelite," says Council playgrounds officer Thomas Hickey. "It's very hard-wearing and very smooth."

Skatelite is a compressed resin product that uses recycled wood and paper pulp.

At Ian Galloway Park, the old mini-ramp has been removed and a new ramp built. "It's a little bit higher and much wider than the original ramp," Thomas says.

David Read, editor of Manual Magazine, for skateboarders, says he has used both the facilities since the upgrade - "and they are amazing. They are going to last a lot longer".