The Apiti Tavern, Heart of the Commumity

Thursday 8 October 2009, 7:07PM
By Kevin Johnson - Tourism Properties

Now as most of you will know the county Pub game has certainly changed over the years, with drink driving, no smoking etc, and it is now about making these great institutions the heart and soul of the surrounding areas.

I was recently at the Hospitality Association of New Zealand conference in Taupo, and I meet Bruce and June Winter from The Apiti Tavern, 50 minutes from Palmerston North. Now this ex-taxi driver and Mum had come up with a great little pamphlet for their hotel. What make it special is that the local school children have researched, designed, and published it, the pupils even took the photos, and the profits go back into the community.

Bruce and June believe that this kind of community support works both ways, and along with other things is starting to put the Apiti Tavern on the great Kiwi pub map.

I am proud to have meet these great publicans and wish them all the best for the future.

Kevin Johnson
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