No actors were harmed in the making of this Telecom ad

Tuesday 27 October 2009, 12:57PM
By Telecom New Zealand

Telecom’s new brand campaign screened for the first time on television this week and not a single actor appears in the advertising.


The campaign is based on the premise that inside every New Zealander there is a spark - which may be a hobby, a dream, a love or a commitment to a cause.


Everyone starring in the ad is a real New Zealander who has a spark, and this will form part of a wider communications campaign over the coming months.


“The campaign celebrates the sparks or passions that make these regular New Zealanders shine,” says Craig Herbison, Director of Marketing and Brand.


“Some of their sparks are big, some are small. Some are simply extraordinary, others extraordinarily simple.”


One of the people featured is Bryan whose passion is mountain hiking and skiing; he recently climbed Mt Ngaruhoe and has a dream to climb Mt Everest.


Another is Alana, who has developed a love for making piñatas. She started making them as a hobby for parties and has now created a wide range of styles and is selling them at craft shows.


“Telecom’s new brand is less focussed on our wires, technology and networks, and is more about our customers and their lives. So it made perfect sense to use real people rather than fictional characters and actors for this campaign,” says Craig Herbison.


“The role of Telecom and our services is to simply work behind the scenes to help our customers be themselves and live their lives.”


For more information on the Kiwis featured in the campaign, and the group of local artists who helped illustrate their individual sparks visit