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New dog exercise area for Turangi
Thursday 29 October 2009, 8:46AM
By Taupo District Council


Taupo District Council adopted amendments to the Dog Control Bylaw today, allowing a new dog exercise area for Turangi, while continuing to ban dogs from the Turangi Shopping Mall.


Council has given the go ahead for a new dog exercise area in Turangi. The new site will be between Aonini Road and Wharekaihua Grove, adjacent to Turangi Park, and will allow dog owners to exercise their dogs off the lead while keeping them away from the sports fields.


Based on submissions received from the community the decision was made that dogs will remain prohibited in the Turangi Shopping Mall. Concern was raised that the presence of dogs would detract from the Mall’s overall shopping experience. As a result of submissions, the continuing prohibition of dogs from the shopping mall will now be better advertised and policed by Council officers.


The Control of Dogs Bylaw 2004 sets standards for the District’s dog owners regarding issues such as where dogs are allowed in public places, wandering dogs and nuisances caused by dogs. The new changes to the bylaw and will come in to effect 1 December 2009.


Dog owners are reminded that the Dog Control Act 1996 makes them responsible for picking up and properly disposing of their dog’s waste. This will apply in the new dog exercise area adjacent to Turangi Park which Council hopes will be a green, clean, waste-free asset for the Turangi community. INDEX