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Hawkes Bay Cafe gives Battery Chickens a chance at life CREDIT: Steve Swann - Tourism Properties

Hawkes Bay Cafe gives Battery Chickens a chance at life
Sunday 29 November 2009, 11:00AM
By Steve Swann - Tourism Properties


Hawkes Bay Cafe owners Grant and Shelley O’Brien have given two dozen battery chickens a second chance of life. They have converted an unused woodshed on the property into a makeshift chicken coop. Now the paddock behind the Hatuma Cafe on State Highway 2 near Waipukaurau is home for some happy hens.

Grant says it takes a little while for the once confined chickens to adjust to their new freedom. After a day or two they are very much at home - and what a life they now have. They’re feasting on the Cafe's kitchen scraps, out in the Hawkes Bay sunshine, and enjoying the view across to the Tuki Tuki river.

Diners are enjoying it too. They are commenting on the taste and colour of the eggs now being served in the cafe. You can’t get much fresher can you?

Grant and Shelley O’Brien are selling the Hatuma Cafe. It’s located on State Highway 2 in Waipukaurau. The Cafe is freehold and has a 2 bedroom flat attached. If you’d like more information about this home and business package please take a look at the full listing: Profitable Country Cafe for Sale INDEX