Aucklanders advised to stay away from water following tsunami warning

Sunday 28 February 2010, 10:02AM
By Auckland Regional Council


Expected arrival in Auckland (North Head) is 1052hrs (NZDT) today. Important local area messages below.

Aucklanders are advised to stay away from the water and listen to the radio for updates this morning, following a tsunami warning for the region.

The Auckland Region Civil Defence Emergency Management Group has issued a non-destructive tsunami warning for Auckland region’s coastlines. A tsunami is expected to arrive at 1052hrs (NZDT).

Those with plans for water-based activities, including boating, fishing or visiting the beach, are advised to stay away from the beach, estuaries, low-lying areas (including roads and bridges) marinas and harbours or other waterways for their own safety.

“By no means should people visit the coast to watch the waves,” says Auckland Region Civil Defence and Emergency Management Group Controller Harry O’Rourke.

”The waves will be large and travelling very quickly.”

People need to:
• Turn on their radios and listen to the advice from Civil Defence

People in coastal areas should:
1. Stay off beaches
2. Do not go sightseeing
4. Share this information with family, neighbours and friends
5. Listen to the radio and/or TV for updates
6. Follow instructions of your local Civil Defence authorities


The Kaiaua Wine and Food Festival is CANCELLED.

Manukau Civil Defence volunteers, supported by fire and police, will be advising boaties and marinas on the east coast of Manukau to stay clear of the water for the rest of the day. They will be at Orere Point, Kawakawa Bay, Clevedon, Maraetai, Beachlands, Pine Harbour Marina, Whitford, Bucklands Beach, Cockle Bay, Eastern Beach, Half Moon Bay and along the Tamaki Estuary.

North Shore
The automated tsunami warning system will be used to warn residents in North Shore’s low-lying regions. When you receive a telephone warning, please share this information with friends and neighbours who may not be signed up to the warning system.
North Shore City Council’s Actionline, (09) 486 8600, will have up to date information.
Police will be at all North Shore boat ramps and beaches to discourage boaties and sightseers.

Waitakere Civil Defence Emergency Management has co-ordinated a presence on local beaches and boat ramps.
Civil Defence volunteers and staff from the police and fire service are on site warning people to stay off the water and away from coastal areas.
Waitakere Civil Defence Emergency Management has activated its local headquarters. At-risk parts of the city have an emergency siren alert system. A decision on whether to activate the system is yet to be made, however, residents in low-lying areas on both coasts are advised to listen for those alerts over the next few hours.
The alert tones are:
1. Two long, two short (dash, dash, dot, dot)- residents should monitor radio and/or TV for further instruction.
2. Repeating short tone (dot, dot, dot) - evacuate immediately.
3. Continuous tone- All clear.
All signals will run for at least 15 minutes.
For further information on the siren system go to

The Mayoral Bike Challenge on today is CANCELLED.
Please tune in to 89.9FM or 97.8 FM for updated information.

Auckland City
The Cathay Pacific half marathon and 11km race, starting at Orakei Reserve from 7am and running along Tamaki Drive is CANCELLED.
Onetangi Beach Races on Waiheke today is CANCELLED.

All ships will be progressively moved off the wharves and out to deep water within the harbour. The Dawn Princess will move out once all her passengers have disembarked.

This warning is for a non-destructive tsunami for New Zealand with increased danger to people on the coast of Auckland. Water levels may rise between 1 and 3 metres and will be travelling at high speeds and in great volume for up to 12 hours after initial tsunami arrivals.

If told to evacuate people should respond promptly. Where possible, take a radio and cell phone with them and check for updates.


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