10 reasons to advertise online Vs 10 reasons to advertise in a newspaper

Wednesday 3 March 2010, 3:16PM
By Infonews Editor

Below are a few comparisons between print and online advertising and why advertisers can benefit from the variety and breadth of websites and options available in online advertising.

This list was made as a response to the Newspaper Publishers' Association of New Zealand(NPA),, list of compelling reasons why newspapers are vital to your next advertising campaign.

The NPA claim that newspaper advertising is the "'s most immediate and powerful medium" which is completely false along with many of their other claims.

Clearly the NPA understands the value of online advertising and promotion as they have a website to promote their own services.

While the NPA don't make comparisons to online advertising they do make far fetched claims which in my own opinion are just desperate spin in an effort to try to slow the decline of newspaper advertising.

I am by no means an expert in the online advertising world, but do believe that the newspaper industry is not telling the truth on their website and their 10 reasons why to advertise in print are totally "south of Taupo".

The italicised parts are quoted from the NPA website and the rest is my view on what online publishers can offer advertisers by comparison.

10 Reasons Why

1. VAST REACH - Print
On an average day 1,601,000 New Zealanders aged 15+ (almost half the population) read a daily newspaper. Across a week there are 2.4 million unduplicated readers or 71% of all New Zealanders over 15years.

1. Vast reach - Online
According to The World Internet Project, 78% of New Zealanders use the Internet. 6% are ex-users; 16% have never used it. 15% of users are online at home for at least 20 hours a week.[s]

62% of people earning $60,000 +, 60% of those in the top 3 occupations, 59% of business decision makers and 58% of home owners read a daily newspaper on a typical day.

2. Quality readers - Online
Higher household income clearly promotes greater Internet access, usage, ability and everyday reliance [s].

The ability to use different sections for different consumers helps fine tune your message and target it to the right audience.

3. Targeted Placement - Online
Target different consumers by advertising on the sites your target audience go to and make your ad dollars go further. No need to advertise to those who are not interested in your product or service. Put the shotgun away and use a sniper rifle.

Extremely short deadlines allow ads to be created and run in a matter of days. This makes newspapers a great environment for topical advertising, and perfect for brands that are market sensitive.

4. Immediate and Timely - Online
Online ads really are immediate. Most agencies will allow campaigns to run at very short notice. We're talking hours not days. Advertise to readers who are reading the news as it happens, not the day after. Google among others will allow a new advertiser to get in the game in a few minutes. Want to advertise now? Do it today, not tomorrow.

From a tiny space, to multiple ads on a page, to printing through the gutter, you can create almost any ad you want. And with millions of dollars being invested into printing plants, production capabilities are continually improving.

5. Flexibility - Online
Google ads, Banners, Pay Per Click, Cost Per thousand views, featured links, video and advertorial. No restrictions on creative and interactive options. show your audience everything you want them to see, not what you can fit into your allocated placement in the bottom corner of page 17 next the escorts classifieds section.

Advertising benefits from the values of newspaper - a credible, informative and detailed source Newspapers connect people with the world around them.

6. A credible source - Online
Nearly every news organisation in New Zealand publishes their content online. The same stuff you read in the papers was often published online yesterday and is just as credible if not more so due to greater transparency. Do you advertise in a Wellington newspaper? Try advertising with or

Readers actively search for ads and content relevant to them. Newspaper advertising is a destination not a distraction for them.

7. Selective v Intrusive - Online
Only advertise to the people you want to and reduce all that wastage [s]. Online Targeted advertising is more like useful information than advertising and its where your target audience is already going.

8. EMOTIONAL - Print
Editorial content consists of true stories, facts and articles. Readers form opinions and make judgments. It's an environment that creates a response. Advertising can benefit from applying the same principals to its message.

8. Emotional - Online
Editorial content consists of true stories, facts and articles. Readers form opinions and make judgments. It's an environment that creates a real and immediate response through comments and live updates. You can be part of the news and not just a subsidy for the costs in printing the paper.

Newspaper advertising is valuable to readers, no other media compares! It motivates both selection and purchase behavior.

9. Valuable Advertising - Online
Targeted online advertising appeals to the audience as it is related to what they are already reading or searching for. There are multiple ways to communicate with your audience including moving pictures. As for motivation and purchasing behavior, online advertising can create an immediate response without leaving the internet.

Readers 15+ spend 38 minutes with their weekday issue and 58 minutes reading their Saturday issue. That's almost an hour spent potentially with your brand!

10. Building relationships - Online
A third are on the Internet for less than 4 hours, and two thirds for less than 10 hours[s]. Internet users go where they want, read what they want rather than reading what an editor thinks is the news for the day.

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