Glenn Anderson wins the men's run-swim-run title. Glenn Anderson wins the men's run-swim-run title. CREDIT: Surf Life Saving New Zealand
An under-16 board race heat gets underway at Ohope Beach. An under-16 board race heat gets underway at Ohope Beach. CREDIT: Surf Life Saving New Zealand
South Brighton's Ben Ryan (left) and eventual winner Morgan Foster in the men's beach sprint. South Brighton's Ben Ryan (left) and eventual winner Morgan Foster in the men's beach sprint. CREDIT: Surf Life Saving New Zealand
 Glenn Anderson (right) heads into the water with Mairangi Bay's Michael Buck at the start of the run-swim-run. Glenn Anderson (right) heads into the water with Mairangi Bay's Michael Buck at the start of the run-swim-run. CREDIT: Surf Life Saving New Zealand

Dream day for surf lifesaving star Anderson

Saturday 13 March 2010, 9:27AM
By Surf Life Saving New Zealand



The old dogs dished out some new tricks on the first day of the NZCT Surf Life Saving championships in Whakatane today.

New Zealand captain Glenn Anderson gave his remarkable collection of national titles a boost on Ohope Beach, while 34-year-old Morgan Foster also grabbed another beach sprint crown to add to his accumulation.

Anderson’s joy was two-fold.  His partner and New Plymouth Old Boys clubmate Ayla Dunlop-Barrett won the first final of the day, the women’s run-swim-run.

Minutes later Anderson took out the open men’s final ahead of Dunlop-Barrett’s younger brother Dylan.

The 30-year-old’s run-swim-run success was his fifth at national level and his jubilation at standing on the podium with his young club rival was evident.

“It’s good to get one over him – Dylan’s probably the quickest swimmer in the field by far and the surf race might be a different story if it’s going to be flat like this,” Anderson said. “It was awesome to see Ayla win - I get more nervous when she’s racing than I am these days - and I was determined to back up and win the men’s race. Then when I turned around, I saw Dylan right behind me which was the icing on the cake.”

Mike Janes was third and former Olympic swimmer Dean Kent, now competing for Titahi Bay, was fifth.

While the run-swim-run was Anderson’s 29th New Zealand open win, he didn’t have to wait long for his 30th, pairing with the younger Dunlop-Barrett late in the day to win the board rescue.

With a low tide at Ohope and gentle half-metre swells, the run-swim-run was decidedly light on the swimming discipline.

“My long legs definitely helped,” Ayla Dunlop-Barrett said. “It was ridiculous – the whole thing was just a wade and I did maybe 15 or 20 strokes and I was out at the first can.”

The New Zealand team member, who celebrates her 23rd birthday tomorrow, headed home Piha teenager Kirsty Wannan, with Westshore’s Nikki Cox third.

Foster, meanwhile, relished the hard-packed sand of Ohope, pipping defending champion Ben Ryan and arch-rival Paul Cracroft-Wilson on the line.

It was his fourth sprint win since his first in 1998 – he’s also chasing his 10th flags title on the beach tomorrow – and the Hamilton firefighter credited some secret training for his success.

“I grew up in South Brighton which is a hard beach and I’ve been sneaking over to Raglan as much as I can which has really given me an advantage,” Foster said.

“I’m pretty happy with that win and I’ll be adding another flags title tomorrow hopefully – that’s the plan.”

Mount Maunganui’s Chelsea Maples picked up the women’s sprint title, just heading home former world champion Holly Moczydlowski and Danielle Melody (New Plymouth).

The women’s board rescue title was shared between Midway’s Maddie Boon and Lucy Gavin and Westshore’s Nikki Cox and Lydia Diver, after Midway grabbed a late wave and sprinted up the beach.

Ayla Dunlop-Barrett sealed a memorable day with a bronze in the board rescue, teaming with Jamie-Lee Reynolds.

Mount Maunganui have the early honours in the race for the Allan Gardner trophy for the top club at the nationals.

They’ve collected 21 points, with New Plymouth Old Boys second on 15 and Papamoa third on 14.

Day 1 results:



Run-swim-run: Glenn Anderson (New Plymouth Old Boys) 1, Dylan Dunlop-Barrett (New Plymouth Old Boys) 2, Michael Janes (Midway/Kurrawa) 3. Board rescue: NPOB A (Dylan Dunlop-Barrett/Glenn Anderson) 1, Midway A (Damian Munro/Jack Gavin) 2, Red Beach 1 (Sam Cosgrove/Chris Moors) 3. Beach sprint: Morgan Foster (South Brighton/Kurrawa) 1, Ben Ryan (South Brighton) 2, Paul Cracroft-Wilson (Fitzroy/Kurrawa) 3. Long course canoe: Taylors Mistake (James Feathery/Peter Rattray/Fraser Bickley/James Rattray) 1, Waimairi (Mark Cresswell/Steve Glue/Carl Righton/Greg Shea) 2, Mairangi Bay (Michael Lee/Danny Morrison/Russell Scoones/Travis Mitchell) 3.


Board rescue: Mount Maunganui A (Blake Williamson/Richard Murray) 1, Red Beach 1 (Alistair Maney/Dylan French) 2, Lyall Bay A (Ryan Cox/Tyler Maxwell) 3.

Beach sprint: Joe Kemp (St Clair) 1, Toby Harris (Wainui) 2, Jordan Hills (Papamoa) 3. Long course canoe: South Brighton (Michael Martlew/Scott Martlew/Ryan Quickenden/Mark Drabble) 1, Papamoa A (Martin Bartle/Oliver Beaumont/Nathan Harris/ Michael Hinaki) 2, Papamoa B (Mitchel Brady/Nathan Smith/Matthew Strange/Shaun Peake) 3.


Board rescue: Papamoa (Hayden Halse/Daniel Kayes) 1, Waikanae (Myles Nikora/Joel White) Mt Maunganui (Joshua Lee/Cameron Witney) 3. Beach sprint: Kodi Harman (Papamoa) 1, Joshua Pickering-Ross (Red Beach) 2, Evgeniy Drkonos (Ocean Beach Kiwi) 3.



Run-swim-run: Ayla Dunlop-Barrett (New Plymouth Old Boys) 1, Kirsty Wannan (Piha) 2, Nikki Cox (Westshore) 3. Board rescue: Midway (Madison Boon/Lucy Gavin) 1=, Westshore (Nikki Cox/Lydia Diver) 1=, NPOB A (Ayla Dunlop-Barrett/Jamie-Lee Reynolds 3. Beach sprint: Chelsea Maples (Mt Maunganui/Kurrawa) 1, Holly Moczydlowski (Mt Maunganui) 2, Danielle Melody (New Plymouth Old Boys) 3. Board rescue: Long course canoe: Mairangi Bay A (Emma Louise Porter/ Rachael Dodwell/Katie Pocock/Tracey Wilson) 1, Wainui (Bayleigh Harrison/Courtenay Waikari/Shekinah Edmonds/Rachael Williams) 2, North Beach A (Lisa Finnerty/Trudie Baker/ Jennyfer Fidow/ Marie Bishop) 3.


Board rescue: Mount Maunganui A (Aimee Leigh Berridge/Katrina Madill) 1, Sumner A (Lucy Johnson/Claire Everts) 2, Red Beach A (Georgia Lloyd/Caitlin Ryan) 3. Beach sprint: Karina Radley (Mt Maunganui) 1, Briar Merrett (Papamoa) 2, Megan Blair (Paekakariki) 3. Long course canoe: Waimarama (Ashley Blake/Jamie Welch/Sarah Logan/Jordan Pearse) 1, South Brighton (Kate Johnston/Rosie Knight/Ria Pollock/ Sharne Quickenden) 2, Fitzroy (Marissa Clough/Jessica Lampe/Evie Trolove/Madeline Wells) 3.



Board rescue: Omanu Beach A (Ashley Cochrane/Dannielle O'Connor) 1, Papamoa A (Natalia Peat/Kathryn Stewart) 2, Lyall Bay A (Emma Robinson/Brooke Watt) 3. Beach sprint: Nicola Coventry (Orewa) 1, Karina Radley (Mt Maunganui) 2, Sarah Karika (Ocean Beach Kiwi) 3.

Overall points: Mt Maunganui 21, Papamoa 18, NPOB 15, South Brighton 13, Midway 8, Red Beach 7, Mairangi Bay 6, Wainui 5, Taylors Mistake 5, Omanu Beach 5, Waimarama 5, Westshore 5, Waikanae 3, Sumner 3, St Clair 3, Orewa 3, Waimairi 3, Ocean Beach Kiwi 2, Fitzroy 2, Lyall Bay 2, Piha 2, Paekakariki 1, North Beach 1