Tony Southall Tony Southall CREDIT: Gibson Sheat

Police Called to Peaceful Protest

Saturday 13 March 2010, 2:35PM
By John Creser

A peaceful protest outside the offices of Wellington Law Firm Gibson Sheat claiming the firm had authorised fraudulent transactions, resulted in the Police being called to ensure the protest remained lawful. Tony Southall of Gibson Sheat declined a request to refund his firms fee and claimed that Gibson Sheat acted correctly and provided their clients with advice that was within the bounds of the law.

Several documents relating to the fraud on a power of attorney were blown up to poster size and were on display outside Gibson Sheat's offices on Custom House Quay and passers by were advised that Gibson Sheat were masters of fraud and ripping off the elderly. " No morals no ethics, no scruples in other-words perfect lawyers"

Prior to the protest, Police National Headquarters had been asked to comment on the refusal of the police to investigate the allegations but the head of Police Professional Standards has thus far refused to comment.


Part 2- Police return the next day