Moodie grabs fifth ironman crown at nationals

Monday 15 March 2010, 8:08AM
By Surf Life Saving New Zealand


Daniel Moodie eased to his fifth consecutive New Zealand ironman title at the NZCT Surf Life Saving championships in Whakatane today, while Nikki Cox reigned again in the open women’s division.

Though Moodie’s margin was comfortable over second-placed Mike Janes (Midway), his national campaign was far from it after pulling out of several events on Ohope Beach.

“It’s been such a tough year and I went over on my ankle again yesterday in the ironman heats so I had to race smart,” Moodie said.  “It was really shallow when the tide went out and there were quite a few holes on the beach so I made the call to pull out of the board and swims and felt pretty fresh in the ironman final.”

Moodie pulled ahead of Olympic kayaker Ian Ferguson and Waimairi's Geoff Walker, who both won four ironman titles, and now only has Cory Hutchings’ outstanding mark of 11 in front of him.

His Westshore teammate Cox, meanwhile, continued her love affair with the Eastern Bay of Plenty venue, regaining the women’s ironman and board race titles she won at Ohope two years ago and finishing third in the ski.

“I was pretty happy with the way I raced in the flat conditions and I was just making sure I did everything I could to impressive selectors with the world championships later in the year,” Cox said.

Cox headed home Midway teenager Maddie Boon and defending champion Rachel Clarke (Orewa) in the ironman and outsprinted Mount Maunganui’s Chelsea Maples in the board race. She was also named female athlete of the carnival.

Titahi Bay’s champion surf boat crew captured their third straight long-course title, gaining revenge on arch-rivals Piha who took home the short-course final earlier in the day.

It will be the last time Ben Ashby, Dean Ellis, Tim Marsden and Chris Martin row together as a crew in New Zealand, with Martin heading overseas, although sweep Paul McVicar said they still had one more goal.

“We’re heading to the Australian national titles this week and we’d love to have a good result there to send off the crew,” McVicar said. “We were delighted to win the long course title back though – surf can be pretty cruel sometimes and Piha rowed pretty well in the short course so this was the biggie for us.”

Titahi Bay’s Marty McDowell cleared out for a comfortable win in the open men’s ski race while another flatwater kayaking star, Orewa’s Teneale Hatton, dominated the open women’s ski.

New Plymouth Old Boys swimmer Dylan Dunlop-Barrett completed a memorable campaign by winning the men’s surf race, edging Janes and Mount Maunganui’s David Graham.

Dunlop-Barrett, a nationally-ranked 1500m swimmer, added to the tube rescue and board rescue titles he won earlier in the carnival, and was also named male athlete of the carnival.

His sister, New Zealand representative Ayla, sealed the sibling dominance in the women’s surf race, edging out Clarke and Mount Maunganui’s Johanna O’Connor.

Mount Maunganui’s agegroup success and steady collection of open points helped them win the Allan Gardner Trophy as the best overall club, accumulating 108 over the three days.

Papamoa’s under-16 strength helped them to a shock second-placing on 75, with Mairangi Bay third on 62.

Mount Maunganui’s champion women’s beach relay team also picked up their seventh straight title, with Chelsea Maples, Tamsyn Mcgarva, Holly Moczydlowski and Arna Wright reigning supreme.

They’re still shy of the extraordinary South Brighton men’s streak, however, with the Canterbury club winning their 10thbeach relay title in a row.

Even more remarkable is the fact 39-year-old Malcolm MacDonald has not only appeared in all 10 of those finals, he was also in the Brighton team that won the previous year and the South Brighton champions a year earlier in 1999.

His neighbouring club New Brighton will host next year’s national championships.





Surf race: Dylan Dunlop-Barrett (New Plymouth Old Boys) 1, Michael Janes (Midway) 2, David Graham (Mt Maunganui) 3. Ski race: Martyn McDowell (Titahi Bay) 1, Travis Mitchell (Mairangi Bay) 2, Scott Bicknell (Ocean Beach Kiwi) 3. Double ski: Taylors Mistake 1, Midway 2, Ocean Beach Kiwi 3. Board race: Michael Janes (Midway/Kurrawa) 1, Nicholas Malcolm (Mairangi Bay/Kurrawa) 2, Andrew Newton (Mt Maunganui) 3. Beach relay: South Brighton 1, Mairangi Bay 2, Fitzroy 3. Ironman. Daniel Moodie (Westshore/Northcliffe) 1, Michael Janes (Midway/Kurrawa) 2, Matthew Sutton (Midway) 3.. Taplin: Mairangi Bay 1, Midway 2, Mt Maunganui 3. Surf boat (short course): Piha A 1, Titahi Bay A 2, Mt Maunganui 3. Surf boat (long course): Titahi Bay A 1,Piha A 2, Mairangi Bay. Canoe (short course): Mairangi Bay 1, Taylors Mistake 2, Ocean Beach 3.    

Under 23: 

Surf boat (short course): Piha Pirates 1, Orewa White 2, New Brighton A 3. 


Surf race: Benjamin Gillies (Westshore) 1, Adam Simpson (St Clair) 2, Ryan Cox (Lyall Bay) 3. Ski race: Hamish Beattie (Westshore) 1, Oliver Puddick (Wainui) 2, Steven Drabble (South Brighton) 3. Double ski: Mt Maunganui 1, South Brighton 2, Mairangi Bay 3. Board race: Bjorn Battaerd (Mairangi Bay) 1, Cory Taylor (Midway) 2, Alistair Maney (Red Beach) 3. Beach relay: Ocean Beach Kiwi 1, Papamoa 2, Red Beach 3. Ironman. Alistair Maney (Red Beach) 1, Dylan French (Red Beach) 2, Bjorn Battaerd (Mairangi Bay) 3. Taplin: Midway 1, New Plymouth Old Boys 2, Westshore 3. Surf boat (short course): Orewa Bluse 1, Piha Pistols 2, Whangamata 3. Surf boat (long course): Piha Pistols 1, Whangamata 2, Papamoa 3. Canoe (short course): Papamoa 1, South Brighton 2, Mairangi Bay 3.   


Surf race: Ryan Jarvis (Waikanae) 1, Scott Williams (Red Beach) 2, Michael Carter (New Brighton) 3. Ski race: Zachery Quickenden (South Brighton) 1, Like Siddins (Orewa) 2, Trent Luka (Lyall Bay) 3. Board race: Ryan Jarvis (Waikanae) 1, Samuel Arnold (Brighton) 2, Joshua Lee (Mt Maunganui) 3. Beach relay: Ocean Beach Kiwi 1, Red Beach 2, Waikanae 3. Ironman. Ryan Jarvis (Waikanae) 1, Hayden Halse (Papamoa) 2, Luke Siddins (Orewa) 3. Taplin: Waikanae 1, Papamoa 2, Red Beach 3.



Surf race: Ayla Dunlop-Barrett (New Plymouth Old Boys) 1, Rachel Clarke (Orewa) 2, Johanna O’Connorr (Mt Maunganui) 3. Ski race: Teneale Hatton (Orewa) 1, Lisa Carrington (Mt Maunganui) 2, Nikki Cox (Westshore) 3. Double ski: Orewa 1, Westshore 2, Mt Maunganui 3. Board race: Nikki Cox (Westshore) 1, Chelsea Maples (Mt Maunganui) 2, Madison Boon (Midway) 3. Beach relay: Mt Maunganui 1, Red Beach 2, South Brighton 3. Ironman. Nikki Cox (Westshore) 1, Madison Boon (Midway/Kurrawa) 2, Rachel Clarke (Orewa) 3. Taplin: Mt Maunganui 1, Mairangi Bay 2, Westshore 3. Surf boat (short course): Whakatane 1, Mt Maunganui B 2, Titahi Bay 3. Surf boat (long course): Waihi 1, Titahi Bay 2, Mt Maunganui 3. Canoe (short course): Mairangi Bay 1, Wainui 2, North Beach 3.    


Surf boat (short course): Orewa White 1, Orewa Bluse 2, Bethells Beach 3. 


Surf race: Clair Benson (Ocean Beach Kiwi) 1, Kirsty Wannan (Piha) 2, Georgia Hind (Lyall Bay) 3. Ski race: Caitlin Ryan (Red Beach) 1, Kayla Imrie (Paekakariki) 2, Lucy Gavin (Midway) 3. Double ski: South Brighton 1, Paekakariki 2, Mt Maunganui 3. Board race: Katrina Madill (Mt Maunganui) 1, Danielle McKenzie (Mairangi Bay) 2, Aimee Berridge (Mt Maunganui) 3. Beach relay: Papamoa 1, Ocean Beach Kiwi 2, Mt Maunganui 3. Ironwomen. Katrina Madill (Mt Maunganui) 1, Aimee Berridge (Mt Maunganui) 2, Sinead Lomax (South Brighton) 3. Taplin: Mt Maunganui 1, Westshore 2, Red Beach 3. Canoe (short course): Waimairi 1, Fitroy 2, Waimarama 3.   


Surf race: Britta Carroll (Waikanae) 1, Natalle Peat (Papamoa) 2, Carina Doyle (St Clair) 3. Ski race: Karina Radley (Mt Maunganui) 1, Julie Sweetman (Orewa) 2, Danielle McKenzie (Mairangi Bay) 3. Board race: Danielle McKenzie (Mairangi Bay) 1, Kathryn Stewart (Papamoa) 2, Lucy Johnson (Sumner) 3. Beach relay: Red Beach 1, Papamoa 2, Muriwai 3. Diamond Lady. Papamoa 1, Maiangi Bay 2, Mt Maunganui 3. Taplin: Mt Maunganui 1, Midway 2, Omanu 3.

Final points: Mt Maunganui 108, Papamoa 75, Mairangi Bay 62, Red Beach 55, South Brighton 49, Midway 47, Orewa and New Plymouth Old Boys 45, Waikanae 39, Piha 37, Westshore 36, Lyall Bay and Ocean Beach Kiwi 26, Titahi Bay 18, Taylors Mistake 17, Wainui 14, Paekakariki 13, St Clair 12, Fitzroy 11, Omanu 9, Waimairi 8, Waimarama 6, Waihi, Whakatane and Muriwai 5, Sumner and Whangamata 4, Brighton, North Beach and New Brighton 2, Bethells Beach and Worser Bay 1.