ARC releases Auckland's environmental scorecard

Tuesday 16 March 2010, 5:13PM
By Auckland Regional Council


An extensive picture of Auckland’s air, land, water and biodiversity was released today by the Auckland Regional Council (ARC).

“The report is a picture built up over decades from the ARC’s extensive monitoring and research programmes, coupled with the knowledge of other agencies,” says Councillor Paul Walbran, chair of the ARC’s Regional Strategy and Planning Committee Chairman.

“The State of the Auckland Region report – the third since 1999 – will inform the new Auckland Council and help it prioritise future decisions.

“As our population and economy grows and intensifies, even greater pressure will be placed on our environment. It’s a big challenge and one the new Auckland Council will have to tackle head on.”

While many challenges lie ahead, the report shows the ARC and other agencies have made some significant environmental gains over the past five years.

“We have reduced pest numbers in many ecologically important areas,” says Cr Walbran.

“Public transport patronage is at its highest due to improved services and promotion, which is helping the region’s air quality.

“Land management is improving and people have a better understanding of the impact of urban growth.”

Cr Walbran says the ARC’s monitoring programme is regarded as one of the best in New Zealand.

“The programme has given us a wealth of environmental information. It has allowed us to better understand long term trends and make better management decisions.”

To find out more about the state of Auckland’s environment, it will be online at www.arc.govt.z/stateoftheregion from first thing tomorrow morning.