NZ-made climate saving technology picked up by Dutch entrepreneurs

Friday 19 March 2010, 9:31AM
By Seeking Publicity
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A group of entrepreneurs from the Netherlands has picked up the exclusive rights to market the climate saving technology developed by a Christchurch-based company.

The Dutch syndicate will market the energy and communications products developed by IndraNet Technologies throughout the Netherlands. The products will allow users to reach 100 percent solar sustainability, putting an end to climate change if picked up globally.

“This is a most exciting moment,” says syndicate head, Jesse Bywater. “I think the nGen Systems particularly, have the potential to completely transform how we generate power and use energy,” he says.
”Globally we have now less than 10 years to put in place solutions that get us out of fossil fuels and drastically cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. In the Netherlands many of us already live below sea level. This focuses the mind. We know things must change in a hurry.” Mr Bywater concludes.

The nGen Systems aim to deliver on their premises the energy streams that customers require, including electricity, process heat, hot water, air conditioning, chilling, freezing, recycling waste heat, and grey water, with energy storage as an option where required.

They are intended to be deployed stand-alone or integrated to power grids to form highly distributed Intelligent Power Networks in the longer run.

“We are confident to deliver Sustainable Energy Services, based on our nGen Systems that will be competitive with fossil fuel-based legacy energy services and at costs that will be a lot lower than electricity generated with other renewable energy technologies.” says Russell Fitts, Chairman of IndraNet Technologies.

“Applications include industrial sites, commercial centres, hospitals, schools, "green" sustainable buildings, residential homes, and eventually transport (by retrofitting compact nGen Systems to existing vehicles),” says Mr Fitts.

The granting of the exclusive Market Rights is a preliminary stage to the syndicate acquiring the full set of licences to the wider package that includes communications, energy and transport solutions.

“Jesse has been monitoring our progress for quite some time now. We are delighted that we have reached this stage. Under our agreement, we are to form a joint venture that will deploy energy services and products based on the IndraNet package,” Mr Fitts concludes.


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