Vice-Chancellor Steve Maharey Vice-Chancellor Steve Maharey CREDIT: Massey University

Campaign to raise $100m endowment fund

Thursday 25 March 2010, 10:57AM
By Massey University


The Massey University Foundation, the University's registered charity, will tonight launch its campaign to raise a $100 million endowment fund from private and corporate donations.

Called Advancing New Zealand, the campaign aims to ensure the University stays internationally competitive in terms of the facilities and support it offers its students and its staff. The fundraising will be based around three strategic areas of importance to Massey – agri-food, creativity and innovation.

Vice-Chancellor Steve Maharey says universities worldwide increasingly look beyond core government funding to meet the real costs of supplying first-class teaching and research, and New Zealand is no different.

"Massey has no intention of waiting," Mr Maharey says. "To do so would be to the detriment of the students, staff and communities they serve. Instead we will respond positively to this issue and work in partnership with our friends, our alumni, our suppliers and our communities, to make Massey New Zealand's defining university."

He says by focusing on agri-food, creativity and innovation, the fundraising project will be transformational. "What we need to demonstrate to potential donors is that an investment in Massey is an investment in New Zealand's future. It is from these key areas that, in the next 10 years, some of the most innovative and creative solutions to global issues will be discovered. By supporting the foundation and its work, you are supporting Massey in its quest to advance New Zealand."

The launch is being held in conjunction with the University's inaugural Distinguished Alumni Awards at function at the Wellington campus this evening.