Reign of Kiwi Badminton Team Comes To An End

Wednesday 7 April 2010, 5:36PM

By Badminton New Zealand


The reign of the Northern New Zealand 1 team has come to an end after eight successive years of winning the Australasian U17 badminton teams competition for the June Bevan Trophy played in Perth, Western Australia.

Northern NZ 1 were narrowly beaten in the final by Victoria Rebels nine matches to seven. The other Kiwi teams finished well down the order in seventh, eighth, ninth and 13th, perhaps signaling the end of an era for the domination of Kiwi sides in the event.

The June Bevan individual championships are played throughout this week.


Final: Victoria Rebels 9 Northern NZ 1 7.

New Zealand scores first:

Boys doubles: Roy Wong/Shane Masinipeni bt Sawan Serashinghe/Lucas Rais-Colvin 21-10 21-12, Benny Suen/Kerwyn Lee lt Hu Wen Chew/Matthew Chau 13-21 21-15 16-21

Girls doubles: Debbie Kwan/Bianca Yow bt Sarah Wong/Vinning Mak 20-22 21-12 21-9, Lilian Shih/Maria Masinipeni bt Loisa Ma/Gronya Somerville 21-18 14-21 21-18,

Men’s singles: Dylan Soedjasa lt Athithan Selladurai 15-21 16-21, Kerwyn Lee lt Matthew Chau 9-21 8-21, Roy Wong lt Hu-Wen Chew 16-21 21-19 17-21, Benny Suen lt Sawan Serasinghe 14-21 18-21

Girls singles: Debbie Kwan lt Sarah Wong 14-21 18-21, Aishwarya Nair lt Vinning Mak 16-21 21-19 17-21, Lilian Shih bt Louisa Ma 21-19 21-16.

Mixed: Maria Masinipeni/Shane Masinipeni bt Athithan Selladurai/Sarah Wong 21-15 21-17, Kerwyn Lee/Bianca Yow lt Sawan Serasinghe/Gronya Somerville 21-15 17-21 15-21, Roy Wong/Debbie Kwan bt Hu-Wen Chew/Vinning Mak 18-21 21-19 21-9, Benny Suen/Lilian Shih lt Matthew Chau/Louisa Ma 21-15 17-21 15-21.

Final Play-offs
Final - Victoria Rebels bt Northern NZ 1 9-7,
Mainland NZ bt Northern NZ II 9-7, .
Central NZ I bt The Territories 12 - 4,
Central NZ II btTasmania 13-3.

Final Placings:
1st - Victoria Rebels
2nd - Northern NZ I
3rd - New South Wales Thunder
4th - Victoria Demons
5th - Western Australia
6th - New South Wales Lightening
7th - Mainland NZ
8th - Northern NZ II
9th - Central NZ I
10th - The Territories
11th - South Australia
12th - Geraldton Western Australia
13th - Central NZ II
14th - Tasmania