Could the Next Top Spiritual Author Competition Change the Book Market?

Thursday 22 April 2010, 4:34PM
By Robyn M Speed

The Next Top Spiritual Author Competition is a chance for readers to tell the publishers what they want, instead being limited to a choice of what the publishers selected. This competition could completely change the
spiritual book market.

How often have we gone to the book store looking for a great book and felt disappointed that there was really nothing new, nothing challenging, nothing that smacked us round the chops and woke us up? The spiritual market has not broken out, it has remained within a boundary and that boundary needs to move.

Spiritual books, by their very nature, need to progress with the spiritual evolution of humankind. We can only teach the alphabet for so long before people want to learn actual words, and then sentences.

Publishers need to make a profit, and in these challenging economic times they dare not take a risk, least it not pay off. This is understandable...however, now we, the readers, have the opportunity to tell the publishers what we want. We have a 'say'.

Surely, the rest of the publishers are watching this competition to see what happens.

What do readers really want? There is a wide spread feeling amongst readers that nothing new has happened. It has been the same old same old, rehashed, rephrased, but there is nothing new or original. Readers want more, they want to be challenged, pushed, prodded, made to think, made to grow. Yes, books have done this in the past (The Celestine Prophecy to name only one -- even thought it was 'fiction'!), but what now? What next? Where is the next step, the next leap? This competition could reveal some remarkable demands from readers! And, more than that, it could reveal some amazing offerings from writers around the world!

And so, this is a pivotal point, and pivotal time of opportunity to demand something new, something original.

The Next Top Spiritual Author Competition could change the face of publishing, but only if we get involved and play our part.


Robyn M Speed has entered the Next Top Spiritual Author Competition with her visionary fiction manuscript 'Dimension's Doorway'. This manuscript was a Merit Award winner in the Ashton Wylie Awards, New Zealand's second largest literary award,
and was described by judges as a 'highly original novel". Visit Robyn's profile at