Weathertight Homes update

Tuesday 1 June 2010, 7:17AM
By Tauranga City Council


Tauranga City Councillors today discussed the Government's proposal to cost share the financial assistance package announced by the Prime Minister on 17 May. The proposal is that repair costs be borne 25% each by central government and the council and the balance, 50%, by the home owner in those instances where Council undertook building plan certification and site inspections. Where a private building certifier undertook building plan certification and site inspection, the owner will be required to contribute 75% of the repair cost and government the balance.

The Council has agreed to the Government's proposal in principle with a view to continuing to discuss and work on detail. The Council acknowledges that a full sign up to the financial package can only come after Council has consulted the community, seeking their views, through a subsequent Annual Plan and/or Ten Year Plan.