Officer confronted with nail gun - Cromwell

Saturday 12 June 2010, 5:10PM
By New Zealand Police



At about 3.30am on the 12th of June 2010, Cromwell Police attended an incident that was initially reported as intentional damage.

A local Police officer was confronted by a male who pointed a nail gun at him and chased him for some distance down the street.

The officer retreated to a safe location where he could observe the offender and called for back up from staff in Alexandra.

A Police patrol vehicle received extensive damage before the male decamped in another vehicle towards Alexandra.

He was pursued by Police before crashing on State Highway 8, Fruitlands.

The seventeen year old offender has been arrested and is currently receiving treatment at Dunstan Hospital.

At the time of the incident the male was on home detention at the time and had cut off his leg bracelet.

He will face a number of charges upon his release from hospital.

Enquires are continuing today both at the scene and with witnesses to the event.

Cromwell Police are asking that any people who witnessed the incident or who have any information about the offender's movements throughout the previous evening to contact them on

03 4451999.