NZ Telco Leaders talk about their lives

Monday 14 June 2010, 3:50PM



A veritable collective of the ‘David’s’ of the Telco industry have come together to record an online episode about their work amongst their respective giant industry competitors.

In the latest release of online video series, Leaders Review, the invited leaders’ collective is made up of 2Degrees Mobile CEO, Eric Hertz, Paul Clarkin, CFO of WorldxChange,
Murray Jurgeleit, MD of cable company FX Networks, and Mark Rushworth of the Tindall-Drury-Morgan backed international cable startup, Pacific Fibre.

The industry episode, made up of various chapters looks at personal aspects of telco leadership and telco business in New Zealand. Long-time industry stalwart,
Leonard Dench, country GM of NEC (the series’ umbrella sponsor) rounds out the industry five leaders, providing viewpoints as a long-time international supplier to the local industry.

In the series the leaders talk about the challenges and opportunities that came through the 2009 period, tips to surviving in the industry as they have, and this week, in the first part of the release, they also reveal their focus for the remaining 2010 year ahead.

Series producer Peter Anich, noted the odd mix of extreme competitiveness yet collaboration that existed at times between the industry upstarts and their larger competitors such as Telecom and Vodafone. “I think to most the mine-field those leaders and their companies have navigated – and thus far have navigated successfully – is a testament to their focus and singular bloody-mindedness at times,” reflects Mr Anich.

“As with all the series programs it has been most rewarding to see up-close how the leaders explain their focus under pressure and upon a shifting landscape that certainly, in the case of telcos, is unlike most other industries.”

“In Eric Hertz and Paul Clarkin you definitely discern a total lack of intimidation, Hertz having been through exactly the same scenario’s before internationally to the degree I don’t think even the industry itself is fully aware of,” said Mr Anich. “Clarkin, definitely has an air of see-the-mission through you can clearly make out from his army days.”

“Leonard and Murray have that wizened calmness having been on the local scene a fair while each – which I’m sure they’ll kick me for saying. Its funny how the old wisdom is the new knowledge all over again,” added Mr Anich.

“And in the case of Mark Rushworth, you see a relatively young Chief Exec heading perhaps what many others see as a ‘national imperative’ beyond simply the business opportunity that his Pacific Fibre’s international cable represents.”

The second part of Telecommunications Leaders Review is released on the site next Monday.

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