Lake Mahiniapua

Monday 14 June 2010, 7:27PM
By New Zealand Police


On the 13th June 2010 Hokitika Police received a report of an abandoned vehicle at Lake Mahinapua. The circumstances gave Police reason to have concerns for the occupant's safety.
A search was subsequently commenced in and around the Lake.

This initial Police search involved the use of Volunteer Coastguard vessels from Greymouth and Lake Brunner searching the lake and shoreline. Volunteer Land SAR dogs were also used to search surrounding area. The search was suspended for the night once those tasks had been completed.

The Police Dive Squad arrived at Lake Mahinapua on the 14th. At about 11.00am the dive squad located a body in about 3 metres of water just to the south of Lake Mahinapua jetty.

This matter has been referred to the coroner and there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding her death.

The deceased name can not be released at this time as some of the immediate family have not been advised.

No media enquiries will be taken and no further information will be released about this matter.